Grey and 1st Ave. Machine’s “Piano” for Gillette.

In terms of clever advertising, Grey and1st Ave Machine got it right on with this spot for Gillette. This is a really nice way to do a product demo, and totally memorable. The crew rigged up 88 of Gillette’s new Flex Ball razors to piano keys, tied them to a matrix which ran to an alternate keyboard played by composer Son Lux. Lux plays a an elegant composition as the camera moves throgh various angles, details and close ups of the product. This is some really nice work that goes way outside the box for advertising a razor and blades.


“Icons” In One Single Fluid Shot.

The two videos below are for the Sunday Times Culture section. The first “Icons”, is the finished ad, the second the making of. This spot is one single dynamic camera movement featuring two actors. Over the course of fifty seconds the two become Forrest Gump, Don Draper, God, Daft Punk, and a couple of gun toting criminals. When you watch the finished piece it is hard to tell that this was done in a single shot. When I watched the making of, I wondered how many takes they went through before they got it right. In the making of, they were kind enough to drop a picture in picture frame so you can see what the camera operator was getting as he moved with the actors. For an in depth look, click here to go to the Making of website.

Directors – Us
Production Company – Academy Films
Executive Producer – Lizie Gower
Producer – Juliette Harris

DOP – Ben Fordesman
A&R Operator – Simon Wood
Art Director – Alison Dominitz
Hair & MakeUp – Lu Hinton
Stylist – Rebecca Hale
Casting – Hammond & Cox
Editor – Dave Stevens @ Assembly Rooms
Post – Electric Theatre Collective
Grade – Aubrey Woodiwiss
Audio post production – String & Tins
Musical Composition – Tom Player
Lead Actor – Gary Milner

Agency – Grey
Executive Creative Director – Nils Leonard
Creative Director – Dave Monk
Creatives – Jonathan Rands & Johan Leandersson
Agency Producer – Debbie Impett

Griffiths, Gibson, and Ramsay Productions Pop-Up Record Player

I found this today on the Marketing Magazine website and fell in love with the whole concept for this direct mail piece. Apparently this was shipped almost a years ago, and it completely slipped under my radar.

Ad Agency “Grey” from Vancouver Canada produced this clever portable record player for GGRP that is made from the corrugated cardboard sleeve that is the mailer for the 45 RPM record inside.

You simply fold the envelope up, place the record underneath and spin it with a pencil to play the children’s story, “A Town That Found Sound”. The hollow space behind the needle works like a sound chamber to amplify the audio.

According to Geoff Dawson, , associate director at Grey, “It’s actually shocking how good the sound quality is, it took a long time of playing with different materials and designs to get the audio just right”.

Grey came up with the idea based on the deep history of GGRP, and the relationship of the audio industry to its roots in vinyl records. Vinyl is undergoing a resurgence in popularity and the design helps to reinforce the creativity that GGRP brings to the table. Grey wanted to showcase GGRP’s creativity and love for sound, and I think they have pulled it off quite brilliantly.

This simple, well designed, clever direct mail piece has brought more traffic to GGRP than any other item they used. The response has been so strong, that recipients of the mailer have been calling GGRP and asking for more copies to take home to their kids and give to others in the office.