Grill is the latest furniture design from Zeren Saglamer. It is a beautiful combination of line, shape and form, in a half solid, half hollow visual that combines a cage like structure with a solid surface. The solid surface is available in either Carrara marble, teak, or walnut and is combined with a black metal frame that doubles as a hanging rack for reading materials. The look of the piece is stunning especially when seen against a white or solid color surface with the grid creating optically vibrating field that is in juxtaposition to the calm of the solid surface. Based in Istanbul, Salamer  has a background in industrial design as well as fine art. She is the head of XS Design studio who specialize in furniture, industrial design, lighting and interiors.

If you want it and you have $1300.00 to spare,  Grill is available through Selectivism.





Man Make Fire, Man Cook Meat.

Summer means grilling steaks outside. I should clarify that. Summer means grilling steaks outside for me until it gets to damn hot. Then I retreat to the cool air-conditioned environment I’ve become accustomed to. The thing is, I like grilled steak. I just hate the idea of using an indoor smokeless grill. There is a solution though, SteakStones.


SteakStones are very good looking slab that is designed to make cooking the steak both entertaining and impart flavor to what ever you are grilling. Think of them as a portable teppanyaki table for your home. The Steakstone slab gets heated in the oven, and then retains it’s cooking heat for up to 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to prepare any number of meat or vegetable dishes on it. Sizes range from small for individual portions to extra large for grilling several steaks at once.