Grow Anthology

Grow Anthology Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Skateboards.

I think all this unusually warm early spring weather has given me skateboard fever. Lately I have been looking at longboard decks and thinking about getting one.

This morning while searching for skateboard stuff I came across  Grow Anthology, a company that makes skateboard decks from paper, pressed with resin. This is basically the same material my Paperstone kitchen counters are made from. The decks are waterproof, and extremely durable. More importantly they are made from green sources, so they are sustainable, and make you feel better about the planet when you are carving a downhill run on a deserted street. Grow Anthology skateboards are FSC certified as well as the only Rainforest Alliance certified skateboard.

Grow Anthologies decks have a really nice retro feel to them, with clean simple lines and uncluttered graphics. They are a really nice answer to the over designed, overloaded decks that were so popular a decade ago.

In addition to green manufacturing, Grow Anthology also works to ensure a tree is planted for each board sold.

“Every one of our longboard skateboards is proudly made in the U.S. using sustainable, eco-friendly material. A tree is planted for every skateboard we sell. Buy green. Buy American.”

Grow Anthology

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