iAd’s for Guinness.

I’m still not sure about the viability of iAds yet. In practice they sound great, but people are always resistant to more advertising, feeling that they are already being bombarded 24 hours a day with the stuff. Guinness however is leveraging iAds as part of a much larger multi-platform integrated campaign tilted “There’s More Life After Dark”.

The campaign is designed to inspire Guinness drinkers and night life seekers to take advantage of all things after dark and enjoy a night out on the town. The iAd is being introduced by a video directed by Tullo Marshall Warren, showing how to use the iAd application. (yes it feels more like an app than an ad which is the whole point)

The iAd starts with a narrator promising to show you where the most fun can be had after dark. The iAd  then splits into four sections pubs, gigs, comedy and sports, each encouraging users to find nearby events and venues using the iPhone’s location based services. The iAd even helps you overcome the problem of ordering a Guinness at a noisy venue. Using a volume dial in the iAd you can choose how many friends you need to buy a drink for, then you show the image to the bartender to place your order. “4 Guinness’ kind sir.” Frankly this might be the most useful part of the iAd.

The iAd campaign, designed by Tullo Marshall Warren  and built by the Apple iAd team.This is a pretty fun concept, with engaging interactivity, and it feels less like an ad and more like an application. As iAds continue to build momentum, it’ll be interesting to see how this new medium shakes out, and what other companies begin to do with them as well.