Monster in the Closet.

I’ve been on a kick posting about PSA’s as of late. I’m not going to give the plot away on this, or tell you what it’s for. I will say that it is going to make you think, and probably make you mad. Directed by Yves Geleyn for Hornet, the animation style is wonderful and inviting. It will draw you in and hook you, then leave you thinking about the outcome.


Just in Time For the 4th of July. Presidents With Guns.

With the Fourth of July just one week away, I felt I should post some patriotic American stuff. What better than American Presidents as action heros shooting stuff with big guns.

Obama This series of illustrations by Jason Heuser of  the United States of America’s current and past Presidents are depicted in epic battle scenes that are reminiscent Frank Frazetta book covers. The images feature  apocalyptical scenes with zombies, lions, bears, giant lizards, mechanical hands and so much more.

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