Half Nelson Lamp

Half Nelson.

It’s a snowy last day of 2012 here in Kansas City and I’m using the time to go through a bunch of things I bookmarked a while ago. A few months back I was searching for new table lamps for the bedroom when I came across “Half Nelson” designed by George Nelson Office, circa 1950. The lamps are being produced by Modernica in Los Angeles to the exacting standards of the original lamps produced by Koch & Lowy from 1977 until they were discontinued in the late 1980’s.
20121231-133947.jpgGeorge Nelson originally designed the ‘Half-Nelson’ Table Lamp for the Holiday House project, a commissioned design vacation home for the publishers of magazine bearing the same name. The house was built in 1950 on the southern coast of Long Island where it was intended to showcase the magazine and to promote a post WWII economy where anyone could afford to own a vacation home. George Nelson designed the home and most of its furnishings. The ‘Half-Nelson’ was designed specifically for the living room, and originally existed only as a prototype.