HAnd Lettering

Put Your Type in Motion.

Here is a little Friday afternoon time waster for you. A series of animated typographic treatments from Starov Evgeniy a student in St. Petersburg Russia. That’s right this is student work. This is a testament to how far we have come in the field of graphic design in the last 20 years. I couldn’t imagine creating 12 of these when I was in art school. It would have taken me an entire semester to illustrate and film a single one. Awesome work Starov.













Representing a Dying Art Form.

The video below highlights the rich history of sign painting in Dublin. As a person that started his graphic design career doing hand lettering, this short film captures something I hold dear. The art of craft, the art of creating by hand. Watching the people in this film hand letter signage with brush and paint is truely wonderful. Listening to a son talk about his father, grandfather, and great grandfather all passing the craft forward to the next generation is simply fantastic.

Seriously Dude.

I love hand lettering. I think it’s because I used to do it, and I know what goes into it. It is a skill and a craft that requires practice, patience, and true talent. Lost Type introduced “Dude” about 8 months back. The font is a reverse contrast, serif western font. It has loads of style. Designed by Dan Gneiding, Dude comes in 12 different serif styles, all of which were inspired by country music legends. The video below features painting and animation by Colt Bowden, using Dude be lettered by hand, the old fashioned way with a paintbrush.


“Sign Painter” the Movie.

“Old signs become art. I want to make signs that become art” that single line from the trailer to Faythe Levine and Sam Macon’s documentary says it all. When I started my career in graphic design, you had to know how to or know someone who could hand letter. What was thought of as a dying craft is making a comeback thankfully. Thanks to Levine and  Macon along with cinematographer Travis Auclair for documenting the fascinating and talented individuals that keeping sign painting alive and kicking.

Friday Inspiration. Bob Dylan´s Hand Lettering Experience.

I like Bob Dylan. I’m not a huge fan of his new album, but his classics are well, classic. I’m also a huge fan of hand lettering. I think this comes from the fact that I’m old enough to remember actually doing hand lettering for design assignments because computers weren’t around.

This little video is a bit of Friday inspiration on a couple of levels. It involves Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, Hand Lettering, and the video keeps it simple and lets the typography do all the heavy lifting. If you want to see a bit of how this was made, go to the artists webpage here.

Dana Tanamachi’s Hand Drawn Chalk Signs.

When I was going through art school, one medium that always kicked my butt were pastels. I got chalk dust on everything , smeared it smudged it, got it on the side of my hand which always got transferred to my cloths or another part of the drawing. So when I see someone who has great command of chalk as a medium, I get all warm and fuzzy.

Dana Tanamachi is graphic designer that lives and works in Brooklyn New York. Part of what she does is create custom hand lettered signs with chalk, and they are really extraordinary. When I first saw images of her work I thought that she was doing scratch board, then I saw the works with subtle textures, and tonal variations.

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