Hanne Kortegaard

The Muscle From Denmark.

Danish Designer Hanne Kortegaard has developed an absolutely beautiful multi-function chair. The “Muscle Chair” is designed specifically with families in mind.

The Muscle Chair was inspired by how adults and their children interact at home, and it was designed directly with that interaction in mind. The look and structure are designed to enhance the symbiosis that can occur between them.

The design of the Mussel chair looks on the mussel’s meat, which is a movable cushion that can serve as ottoman, child seat, head rest, armrest and even footrest.

The shape, color and organic look of the chair is just so nice. It looks like the chair back is made from either reinforced plastic or fiberglass, and the legs are simple polished stainless steel tubes.

There is no word on whether or not this will make it into production or not, but I hope it does. I really like the look.