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Sonos Play:3. I Could Like This a Lot.

I’ve always been a big fan of Sonos music systems. I’ve wanted one for my house since before we moved in, but never pulled the trigger on buying one. I think I have been waiting to see what was just around the corner, which is always going to be a losing battle. There is always something new right around the corner.

The Sonos Play:3 system is one of those things that was right around the corner and might have been worth the wait.  The PLAY:3 uses three speakers to deliver audio wirelessly to any room in the house. A bass radiator produces powerful low notes while two mid-range drivers and one tweeter help to fill out the sound. According to the Sonos site, multiple Play:3 systems can be linked together allowing units to be designated right or left channel.

Pluses for me are the fact that the units are small and compact, there are no wires, they can inter-connect, massive file format support, and I can use it with my set top box/dvr to create a wireless speaker system for the TV as well.

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