Hot Wheels

The Hot Wheels Double Loop Stunt.

Just in case you missed it live on TV, here is the Hot Wheels world record double loop drive through. That’s right drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy set a Guinness World Record racing by driving two cars through a six-story double vertical loop at the X Games in Los Angeles last weekend. This is all part of a year long campaign that Mattel is running for the Hot Wheels brand that will involve a series of story driven stunts that are played out on live TV, as well as through social media and other digital outlets like mobile.

I think this is a great testament to the power of the Hot Wheels brand extending it beyond it’s core target audience of young boys. With over 115 thousand YouTube view since yesterday, this video is well on it’s way to going viral. With all of the other media and buzz that is building around each of the planned stunts over the rest of the year, you can bet Mattel is putting a lot of money behind these real life racing stunts. And it looks like they are paying off.


Hot Wheels Skull Racer Projection Mapping.

I tell ya, in the last year projection mapping has just exploded. I mean it seems to be everywhere these days. If I were advertising a product launch or event, I would be all over this stuff.

Muse Amsterdam teamed up with Mattel/Hot Wheels  for a secret race with the Skull Racers destroying the Customs House at Circular Quay in Sydney Australia and deploying a crazy looking race track in the process. The 3D Projection Mapping event for Hot Wheels lasts just over 3 minutes, and uses some amazing depth treatments to enhance the overall effect. That combined with some of the usual water techniques, building fires and wall explosions make this a really nice projection mapping piece.