How To

Space Awaits.

So much photography today is a composite of multiple images, 3D assets, and painted components blended together with Photoshop. It always blows me away when I see a video like the one below that shows what goes into making a composite image.


The video is a behind the scenes look at  photoshoot for the image Space Awaits. It shows all the stages from her initial digital sketch to shooting, to editing, retouching and using a 3D model, to the final post production.

The video itself is short, just two and a half minutes long and not deep on detail, but it does give a solid insight into the process behind the finished shot.

The Addictive Plasticine Rhythm.

Here is two plus minutes of infectious stop motion animation and 8 bit audio overload for a Monday morning. Along with “Plasticine Rhythm” there is a making of video where  the brains and creative magic behind this walks you through how to make your own stop motion animated short. Both are pretty fun to watch and neither is long enough to suck away your entire day. If you are at work tell your boss the second video is training, and you need to watch it to improve your skills, and develop your career.