The New Promised Land.

I spent a portion of my Good Friday reading the news, and catching up on the circus known as the Republican party campaign for 2016. All of it makes my head hurt and just gets me enraged. Especially when I read more of the ignorant hate speech Trump and Cruz spew out. I also spent some time reading about the growing refugee crisis in Europe, which made me decide to post the three animations posted below from Mira Ruldo. These videos were made by Ruldo for a Univision web documentary that tells the story of 5 young Syrian refugees who risked it all for a chance to start over.

The work is really solid, the stories are compelling, as well as the website which gives an in-depth look at what is going on, and why there is a mass exodus from Syria. If you think you know what is going on because someone trying to get elected, reelected, hold on to power, or a TV or Radio pundit told you in a 30 second sound bite you probably don’t. Visit the site, watch the videos, get informed. Take action.

I don’t care what political side you are on. Put yourself in the refugees shoes and then ask yourself what would you want the rest of humanity to do for you.


Just under a week ago, Paris was rocked for the second time in less than year by senseless terrorist attacks. Over the last 6 days the news has been filled with more information about the attacks, and the possibility of more. In times like these it is often hard to imagine how much good is going on in the world, but occasionally we get reminded of it. Today I was looking around for visual inspiration for a new project I am starting when I came across this animated short by Hue&Cry for CARE. The animation is fantastic, the script and narration filled with hope, as it tells the story of how CARE started and evolved over the last 70 years.

It’s always tough to tell a brand’s story. It’s even tougher when the story spans 70 years of evolution and progress. But the toughest part about telling this story was truly honoring one of the oldest and greatest humanitarian foundations on the globe.’Power of a Box’ touches on the history, the evolution and the sheer scope of the work that the CARE Foundation has been delivering since the first half of last century, an effort that has improved the lives of a billion people in 90 countries around the world.

Then we took it another step. The core message and visuals of ’Power of a Box’ have been translated to an additional :30 and :15, as well as print, digital and social medias to create a new campaign for CARE. Our hope is that an organization that was at one point the ‘go to’ for humanitarian contribution will again become a house hold name that people know and trust, and we look forward to continuing to push their message and help them deliver lasting change.

Written and Directed by Hue&Cry
Original Music and Sound Design by Antfood
Narrated by Matt Dillon

“Man” a Flash and After Effects Animation by Steve Cutts.

Here is a little animation from Steve Cutts created with Adobe Flash and After Effects. Yes I said Flash, the application long rumored to be dead or dying. The application that Apple loves to hate, yet produces some pretty outstanding work. This little animated short is a humorous look at man’s relationship to our planet and the other creatures that inhabit it. Enjoy.

One Day on Earth.

With all the hate in the world, it’s nice when you find something positive and uplifting. Something that shows we are all the same, and if we can put aside bias, and negativity, our humanity can rise above it all for the better.

One Day on Earth is a documentary film that involves footage that was shot in every country in the world on the same day.  Directed by Kyle Ruddick The film follows characters and events that evolve throughout a 24 hour period of time, interspersed with expansive global montages that explore the progression of life from birth, to death, to birth again.

The trailer looks stunning. I can’t wait until it is released later this year.