Friday Inspiration. Zim&Zou for IBM.

A little Friday inspiration from Zim & Zou. The magnificent posters were created for Ogilvy for a poster campaign for IBM back in 2013. Photographed by Fabrice Fouillet, the sculptures are built from cut paper and fabric. There is solid attention to detail paired with smart copy, and solid backgrounds in vibrant colors. The result is a really nice campaign that gets translated into a series of animated gif’s. Below are the posters, a few of the gif files and some detail shots. For the complete series, click here.

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

gif 1

gif 2

gif 3

gif 4

IBM Destail 1

IBM Detail 2

IBM Detail 3

IBM Detail 4

IBM Detail 5

IBM Detail 6

More Than The Score.

I never saw this promo air during the US Open. It might have played locally, but since I tend to mute, pause and skip, or record then blast past ads, I probably just missed it. Produced by BUCK for IBM and Ogilvy & Mather, the animated short features loads of data visualizations done up in an entertaining way, set to the beat of Andrew W.K’s “I Love New York City”. In typical fashion BUCK nails the animation and brand styling for IBM. It’s worth watching all the way through if for no other reason than the facts they present about the US Open and New York. Oh they get extra points for going with a square format for the finished piece.

IBM and Dress Code.

Three new spots for IBM from  continue to promote the current look of the IBM brand with limited color pallets, a flat design aesthetic, and solid scripts promoting what could be a rather boring subject. These simple ads feature voice over work from actual IBM employees that explain the problem and offer up a solution based on IBM technologies. I hope that the AOR for IBM keeps this look going, because it is really working for them in all their marketing channels from print to interactive, to broadcast.


Ninjas vs Superbugs

I say this time and time again, just because you are making a stop motion animation, you don’t have to make it look like something from the 1950’s. Case in point, First Avenue’s animation for IBM, “Ninjas vs Superbugs”. It is a hand crafted stop motion piece using puppets. It is a solid blend of LoFi and current video techniques. It looks 21st century, and it uses old school methods to pull it off. Below is the finished piece, plus the behind the scenes video as well. Not only is it a great little animation, it teaches you something about nanotech and MRSA.

Buck Serves Up Datagrams for the US Open.

I love this. What a great use of white hot visual social media goliath Instagram, beautiful design, and animation, plus data provided by IBM. At the US Open this year, Buck in conjunction with IBM and Ogilvy & Mather created live video animations that were uploaded to Instagram. A custom toolkit and workflow was designed and built to accommodate the live data that was being entered and shifted with the on court action. The result was responsive data-based animations, rendered and uploaded in minutes. The video below shows the end result highlighting the clean design work and simple animations.

Clever Illusions in Negative Space. Tanya Holbrook + Nom Bar

Last year I posted an article about a series of advertisements for IBM’s “Conversations for a Smarter Planet” campaign. I really liked the retro styling and the draw from some iconic 1960’s design influences.

Today, I came across a series of posters for IBM that were done by graphic designer Tanya Holbrook, in conjunction with illustrator Noma Bar. The posters were produced via Ogilvy & Mather Paris for IBM earlier this year, and feature some very playful imagery and use of negative space to convey two visual messages in each poster.

The posters carry forward the retro styling that IBM has used for the last year in their marketing materials, with bold flat colors and minimalist graphical illustrations. This is a really nice trend that IBM is following.

IBM’s Great Trailer for the CityOne Game.

I’m not a huge gamer on my computer. I don’t own a PS3, or a Wii, or an X-Box. It’s just not my thing, and I always seem to busy to find time to play games. I have Scrabble on my iPad and a couple of time wasters which I play when traveling, or if I am just hanging out, but like I said I am not a huge gamer.

One thing I do appreciate is great design in gaming, and great game visuals, and that is why I love this video teaser for IBM’s CityOne game due out later this year. If the game graphics are anywhere close to this I might be convinced to play it. That said, that isn’t what caught my eye with this video. What I am digging is the overall look.

I love the type treatment through out the video clip, and I really love the fake  tilt shift look that has been added. The whole thing has this great atmosphere that is highlighted by the ominous music that plays through the piece. Towards the end, the video converts to a drawn cartooned look that is every bit as compelling as the 3D rendering at the beginning of the clip. I would play this game if the graphics at the end were the same as the final game graphics. Anyway this video clip demonstrates an excellent use of 3D graphics, and post production techniques that hooked me. Great visuals and audio, nice typography, and stylistically clean. Kudos to IBM on this one.

On another note, this game is a marketing piece for IBM’s innovation series on improving the planet with technology. This is a great way for IBM to advertise, and promote their agenda without being in your face. I’d like to see more companies try this approach, they might have a better success rate than using traditional media channels and mediums.