Identity System

W + K Sao Paulo’s New Identity System

Most people think of branding as a logo. And most people think of a logo as visual identity. A logo is one component of your visual identity system which makes up one part of your brand.  A great example of this is Weiden and Kennedy Sao Paulo new visual identity which is shown in the video below. They break down the inspiration for the logo design and then show how it is translated across a series of touch points as part of a larger identity system. No this doesn’t establish their branding. Branding is much larger than just a logo, visual identity system or editorial voice. Branding encompasses everything that establishes a relationship with a product, company, or service. The example in the video is one hell of an awesome logo and identity system though.


20 Unique Business Card Designs.

In today’s ever more electronic world, if you want your business card to stand out and be remembered, you better make sure its well designed and unforgettable. Your card is a primary extension of your visual brand identity, and that visual staying power has a direct impact on your business. Below are twenty business cards that are hard to forget.

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