Sendoid File Sharing. It’s Easier, and It’s Free.

For sometime now I have used services like Dropbox, and MailBigFile to transfer large files to clients via the internet. In many ways they have been less flaky than FTP services, and the fact that they are cloud based meant backups, and archiving was built-in. My only problem with them was you were limited on storage amounts unless you upgraded to the pay plans which could get pricey, and at times the services were a bit slow.

There is a new player on the block that uses a peer-to-peer model allowing you to send files directly from your computer to another. Your only limitation is the upload speed.

Sendoid uses basic P2P technology, which means you and your recipient’s computers are connected directly without any kind of  server in between. Simply select the file to be sent, get the download link instantly, send to your colleague or friend and let the downloading begin. You have an option to set password encryption, so your system and theirs are protected. Think of this like sending files via IM or Skype, but with no file size limit if you use the desktop based AIR application. For me, this is a huge gain, because video files by their very nature are extremely large.

Oh and it’s Free. Free is good. Very good.