Immersive Technology

Rain or Shine Googles Latest 360º Immersive Spotlight Story

About a year ago Google launched a new line of video shorts for YouTube called Google Spotlight Stories, a specific immersive video platform with mobile users in mind. The video below can be panned through as the action takes place, but where this really shines is when you watch the video on an Android or iOS device in the native YouTube app.

Rain or Shine directed by Felix Massie is the latest in the series of shorts and is really quite impressive beyond the technology. The story and character development are superb drawing the viewer in and engaging with them as the explore the environment as the story plays out. The story is simple yet clever. The main character, Ella puts on a pair of magical sunglasses and travels through her London neighborhood creating chaos before learning how to use the glasses for good.

This really is a better experience on your phone, so if you have a chance watch it and the other Google Spotlight Stories there.


To view the show in full interactive 360, use the YouTube App on a compatible Android device ( For iOS, download the Google Spotlight Stories app now (

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Connected Worlds, Design I/O, and open Frameworks.

I love this stuff. What a great blend of technology, design, animation, and art. In a 3000 square foot space in the New York Hall of Science there is an immersive installation that allows children to directly interact with the space. Composed of six interactive ecosystems spread across the walls of the great hall, children are encouraged to use both physical items in the space as well as interact with the projected digital components. All of the surfaces are interactive and engaging.

Connected Worlds was designed to encourage children to think about sustainability and how all of these natural systems are interlinked, where local action on the environment may have global consequences later on. Children work with a fixed amount of water in the system and have to work together to manage and distribute the water across the different environments. Clouds return water from the environments to the waterfall which releases water to the floor when it rains.

Children can use physical logs to divert water flowing across the floor from the waterfall into the different environments, where they can then use their hands to plant seeds. As the different environments bloom, creatures appear based on the health of the environment and the type of plants growing in it. If multiple environments are healthy creatures will migrate between them causing interesting chain reactions of behaviors.

The immersive experience was built using  openFrameworks an open source creative coding toolkit. The project was conceived and developed by Design I/O with the New York Hall of Science by Emily Gobeille, Theo Watson and Nicholas Hardeman. Additional design and animation work was produced Josh Goodrich and game consultation by Zach Gage. Sound Design by MOST Original Soundtracks.

The first video below shows the space in action. The second video is the behind the scenes / making of video for those of you that want to geek out on how they pulled this off.

Audi Sure Has Some Steely Balls.

In the last year Audi has really been stepping up their game with immersive experiential design. For the London Olympic games they built out a futuristic showroom, and now the have launched “Audi Spheres” in Copenhagen.

Created by Kollision, AV integrators and Pufferfish, for Audi. The spherical environments allowed people to literally immerse themselves in the Audi brand through a clever use of technology that leans heavily on  augmented reality video pads, spherical displays, video walls, and sound design.

At the same time the space showcases Audi’s future priorities in design, ecological solutions, and electric vehicles.

PufferSphere and Integration – PUFFERFISH LTD

Interaction and programming: KOLLISION
Concept and communication: KMS BLACKSPACE
Concept and architecture: SCHMIDHUBER