iOS vs Android, The App Arms Race.

Here is an interesting little infographic for Friday. Trademob has put together a coparison between iOS and Android  to see which platform really is the best for app marketers. The infographic compares the two competing operating systems looking at their user demographic, number of apps available, speed of revenue growth, smartphone market share and tablet market share, to see which OS comes out on top. Is it just me, or is this starting to feel like the “Mac vs Windows” wars of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s? Hmmm, either way, its interesting information.


Corporate Culture: The Difference is Our People.

No matter where you work, large or small, the ingrained corporate culture defines your work experience.

Over the course of my career I have worked for a number of companies. Some with great corporate culture, others without. The bottom line is, as an employee, or as a corporate leader, you have the ability to define and change the corporate culture of your work environment.

This infographic from NowSourcing shows what defines the corporate culture of three businesses that are consistently ranked as one of the top places to work in America. It’s something all companies should aspire to.


A Good Day To Die Hard. The Infographics.

The latest segment in the “Die Hard” series has hit theaters and to celebrate the explosive event, RSA has put together a few infographics. The images below chronicle what was blown up, punched, broken destroyed, hurt, vanquished, saved, rescued, and said, along with the cost to insure John McClane. I like these because they are not only packed with fun facts, but because they are really well designed with solid layouts and a nice graphical style.

Die Hard infographicdie_hard_2_infoDie Hard insurance infographic

More Things You Need to Know About Social Media.

Whats a new year without a tasty infographic about Social Media statistics? Boring thats what. The folks over at iStrategyLabs have put together an interesting little infographic that has some surprisingly good facts. Things like

80 percent of Pins on Pinterest are repins which means 20 percent of Pinterest users are the ones actually finding cool stuff.

5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram daily.

Google adds 625 thousand Google plus users a day. Who would have guessed that?


Toky an Infographic Annual Report.

Over the course of my career I have designed a number of annual reports. At one time it was actually a very lucrative portion of my freelance work. One of the things I always liked about doing them, was creating the theme or story that pulled the brand together in a visually compelling way for share holders. One thing I never liked was the section that included all of the numbers, SEC filings, and other data that probably just got a light glance by most.

So, as companies continue to embrace more forms visual story telling, design, and information graphics it makes perfect sense that someone would create an all digital anual report in the form of, well, an infographic. St. Louis based Toky has done just that and they have done it really well. It’s no surprise, they are a branding, and design firm.


Success in 2013.

The new year has just begun, and it is full of resolutions that may or may not come true. The image below from MetaEdge is pretty solid guide on how to be a more successful person, or a better person. This is pretty much common sense stuff, but not always the easiest to follow. I know I’m guilty of any number of things from the unsuccessful side. I think I need to print this out, and hang it where I can see it everyday.