How To Be More Creative.

Here we are a little over one week into 2014. After a two week hiatus from the office I am back at work, and having a bit of trouble getting into my creative groove. I think it’s just the readjusting to a schedule, and trying to remember where I left off with so many assignments. If you are like me, you might need a little bit of a creative kickstart to get things rolling.

While there many ways to beat creative block, the infographic below by Who Is Hosting This? is a solid resource on how to bring back your creative self. It features five simple steps on how to be more creative, plus tools and techniques you can use all year long.


Attention to Detail. “The Blue Carpet” by Jonathan Bréchignac.

I often talk about craft, attention to detail, and the hand of the artist in relation to the visual arts and design. Today’s piece of inspiration is the epitome of those things.


At the Villa Empain, Boghossian Foundation in Brussels, is a carpet designed and drawn by artist Jonathan Bréchignac. The carpet is an image filled with amazing details all rendered by hand as a life size drawing. It was drawn using Bic pens. That’s right everything from the tassels to the weave patterns were all drawn by hand using blue Bic ball point pens. In addition to the hand work, Bréchignac has rendered a QR code on each corner. The QR codes take you to a specific messages and symbols that Bréchignac has created for the viewer.


7_bluecarpet-detail2 7_bluecarpet-detail3 detailed-illustrations-jonathan-brechignac-10 detailed-illustrations-jonathan-brechignac-11 detailed-illustrations-jonathan-brechignac-12 detailed-illustrations-jonathan-brechignac-13


Friday Inspiration. Portrait of a Metal Worker.

It’s Friday, and this short documentary will definitely inspire you to go out and be creative this weekend. Beautifully shot and edited by Eliu Cornielle “Portrait of a Metal Worker” tells the story of Nicholas DiChiara a Philadelphia based metal artist, his passion, his desire, and his commitment to making well crafted, high quality objects of art. Take four minute out of your day, and listen to what DiChiara tells us and Cornielle shows us. Then go out and make something.

80,000 Photos Combine to Make 1 Film.

It’s Friday, and it’s time to be inspired. Well at least it’s time for me to be inspired. This morning while going over the curriculum for a day long seminar on video editing later this month a friend of mine sent me the link to the video below. Talk about editing. This video was shot and edited by  on his trusty Canon 5D Mk III. It is made up of 80 000 photos shot this last 3 years in various cities, Paris, Barcelona, Hossegor, Venice, Toulouse, Martinique, New York City, Montpellier. The film was edited using Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro with sound design being done with Pro Tools. The result is pretty inspiring. Talk about having a passion for photography, and a desire to create more than a single still image.