Instagram 365 Project

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/29/2011

I love having a convertible. Especially when it is sunny and 75 outside. With perfect weather and clear blue skies, I dropped the top and headed South East to Lee’s Summit Missouri. Don’t ask why, the drive was better than the location.

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/28/2011

Last year I hired Ryan Lawn Service to treat my yard for weeds, fertilize, and over seed. I just want to say upfront the Ryan service kicks ass. my yard is so damn think, pushing the mower through it is like pushing through wet sand. The yard is just nuts, and I am now mowing every five or six days.

So how do I celebrate a job well done, grass chopping complete, mowage? I celebrate with an ice cold glass of beer, that’s how.

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/27/2011

Spring is here, and that means lawn mowing. Lawn mowing about every 5 days, and since I haven’t bought the rider yet, that means mowing with the old push mower. While Cosmo and Zoe didn’t actually buy this awesome Boulevard Pilsner for me, I am going to pretend they did. I’m going to think of it as an act of appreciation for the manicured playground I provide for them on a weekly basis. They really do like a well clipped lawn to play in, and I really do like the golden Pilsner dad juice for a job well done.

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/26/2011

Today was one of those days where you have to step back, take a good look at things, reassess where you stand, and ask yourself where you want to be in life.

Right now I think I have a pretty good answer for all of that. The expression on Cosmo’s face a few hours ago, is a pretty good representation of what I was feeling before I stepped back, took a deep breath, and let it all go.