Instagram 365 Project

The Instagram 365 Project. 03/25/2011

With the last snow fall of the season bearing down on Kansas City, I decided to post this image of a flower that I shot at the City Market Coffee House Yesterday. It might be 36 degrees, overcast, and drizzling outside, but at least I can dream of consistent warm temperatures and plenty of sun.

This image was shot with the iPhone 4, and the natural light coming through the window to the right. No filters, just an upload to Instagram. Once again, I’m pretty impressed with the camera in this phone.

The Instagram 365 Project. 03/24/2011

You know, you want to post things to the internet, but it’s hard to do when you are stuck using Time Warner Cable as your internet service provider. Yes Time Warner sucks. Sorry if you are a fan, but my experience leads me to say the suck, suck, suck. So let me apologize up front for the limited number of posts today, and I promise I’ll try to post more tomorrow. That is if I can get on the internet.

The image below is 153k in size. Thanks to Time Warners just barely better than dial upinternet service, I was able to upload it in about 5 minutes time. The issue at hand… The main hub in my neighborhood. Right now there are more than 15 people all hitting the Time Warner hub, and I barely have through put. I’d be better off using my iPhone as a tethered 3G hot spot at this rate.

Anyway, this is Cosmo grabbing a quick lick of the finger while he sits human style next to me on the couch.

The Instagram 365 Project. 03/23/2011

One of the things I love about where I live is the open expanse to the West of our home. My house backs up to almost 3 acres of undevelopable land that fronts a park. In other words, I have an open expanse to the West that is almost 2 miles long. At night when I am out in front of the house, this is often what I see. It’s hard to imagine that I am a five-minute walk from an urban corridor, and lessĀ  than 3 miles from downtown. Modular 4 has this amazingly crazy location that I love. Because of where we live we get this unobstructed view of the sky to the west of the house. I wish I had been faster with the iPhone tonight. in the ten minutes it took to walk the dogs, the sky went from orange fading to blue to midnight blue fading to black.

The Instagram 365 Project. 03/22/2011

I was going to get this posted yesterday, but WordPress was having technical difficulties and I couldn’t access my blog until this morning. So this is yesterday’s Instagram Project post, a day late, but not a dollar short.

I shot this from my car and assembled the images using Panolab for the iPhone yesterday afternoon. I like the David Hockney style assemblage that Panolab creates when you don’t use it in a traditional way.