Instagram 365 Project

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/14/2011

One of the great things about driving a convertible is the view when the top is down. At any given point you get to see all sorts of wonderful things. One of the downsides is you also get to smell all sorts of things, but that is a different post all together.

Just North of my house on Minnie Street (yes there really is a street named Minnie) there is the most amazing flowering pink dogwood tree. I noticed it last week before it had bloomed, and over the weekend, the 80 degree temps coaxed the tree to completely flower. On my way home for lunch today, I stopped right under it and snapped this photo with the Panasonic Lumix I carry in the car with me. The camera is better than the iPhone, but it is just as easy to use.


The Instagram 365 Project. 04/13/2011

Last week I took this image when I was out walking the dogs during a break in a spring thunderstorm that was rolling through. I got lucky with the iPhone. The light from the street lamp silhouetted my neighbors tree perfectly and the phone camera actually picked up some of the rain drops on the branches.

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/12/2011

One of the great things about owning a convertible is what you get to see when the top is down. Today the weather was perfect from about lunch time on. Blue skies, a few clouds and 70 degree temps. While listening to streaming Pandora radio on the iPhone, I snapped this image on the way back to work after lunch. I know, Instagraming and driving is as bad as texting and driving.

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/09/2011

In the house there is the most beautiful Ibanez hollow body electric guitar. Finished in a wonderful orange cherry stain, ivory pick guard, double f holes, chrome pick ups. It’s beautiful. I need to pick it up more often, tune it, play it, let it know what it was made for.

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/08/2011

The Ginkgo is one of the oldest trees known to man. Fossilized records of the leaves date back more than 200 million years. The trees themselves are slow-growing and long-lasting with records of trees well over 100 years still in existence.

Last summer I planted a small 4 foot tall Ginkgo tree about 20 feet off the back deck behind my house. I know that it will take years before it matures and becomes a giant shade tree for the deck, but I am OK with that. I hope in 100 years it and the house are still around, and who ever is living here, gets to appreciate what the tree brings to them all year round.

In the last 48 hours, the leaves on the tree have begun to sprout growing so much in the last few days. The transformation has been remarkable. Literally in 36 hours we went from tiny little buds to something that looks like real leaves. Hello Spring!

The Instagram 365 Project. 04/07/2011

This is the latest songbird I spotted in the field tonight. A wren is making a nest in the locust tree behind the garage. I shot this with the Canon, the zoom on the iPhone isn’t going to cut it, and this little guy was way to nervous to let me walk up and snap a close up. I had to resort to using the big zoom to get a shot of him.