Instagram 365 Project

The Instagram 365 Project. 09/21/2011

This is not my dog. This dog belongs to my friend Shane Evans, and his dog is framed between the lines of the fence, the texture of the concrete, and the shadows of morning, all at the Filling Station on Gilham.



The Instagram 365 Project. 09/19/2011

Since 1938 Dagwood’s had been serving up fine diner food in the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. I took this today while scouting locations for a video shoot. The sign might not date to 1938, but the place is genuine.

73 years in the same place. Located on the Turkey Creek flood plane, Southwest Blvd, KCK, one of the oldest sections of the city…


The Instagram 365 Project. 08/28/2011

I haven’t been posting many of these Instagram 365 posts lately. I got quite a few emails saying “enough”, and I had to agree. The project had overpowered the main focus of my blog. None the less, I decided to post tonight, because the weekend was quite fabulous. My wife had her birthday which we celebrated at Michael Smith. And this Sunday, while filled with some chores was really quite lazy an pleasant with many hours on the back deck taking in the beautiful weather.



The Instagram 365 Project.

When I started this project back in January, I was hoping I would get more people interested in Instagram, and have more direct interaction with this personal project. What I have found is, minimal minimal interaction and interest across the board. Because of this, I’ve been posting fewer of these entries. It’s all good, I keep posting to Instagram daily. It’s not about the feedback or interaction, it’s about the doing. Tonight I am 8 and a half months into the project. What I have decided is… at the end of the year I am going to post a montage of all the images as both a video and a slide show. This image represents roughly the 3/4 point in the journey. This has been tough. Taking an image, posting an image, blogging about the post might seem easy enough… but life gets in the way…

Once again my awesome little guy, “Cosmo P Coltrane” the terror of tiny town.


The Instagram 365 Project. 08/07/2011

One of the great things about being on vacation last week wad missing the 110 degree heat that turned my lawn into straw. One of the great things about being home is what appears to be a break in the weather, and hopefully some rain.

Today we had super cell thunderstorms roll through in mid afternoon. In my neighborhood we got what seemed like an inch of rain in 30 minutes. I hope we get more. We need it