Integrated Advertising

Martin Allais Makes Oreo Wonderfilled.

Oreo has a new series of ads that have been burning up the internet, and TV for the last few weeks. If you haven’t sen them, they are posted below including the 90 second extended web spot of “Anthem” produced by illustrator Martin Allais and producer Maria Soler Chopo. Animation was done by by his Allais’ animation shop, Studio Animal.

“Wonderfilled”, is an advertising campaign that presentis the Oreo cookie as a currency of good will. In the spots the Oreo cookie is passed between the big bad wolf, and the three little pigs,  Dracula, and other folklore icons while asking the question wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all shared Oreo cookies.



In addition to the TV spots there is an integrated online component at a, that includes a downloadable music track by Owl City, along with 30 second and 90 second versions of the animated TV spot “Anthem”. In addition Oreo promoted the campaign by having Owl City and other performers take to the streets of New York City to help everyone have a better morning commute.

3D character animator and 2D cel animator Andy Lyon. 3D modeling/surfacing lead Juan Carlos Cuadra. 3D character animation team James Lane, James Parris, Ian Mankowski, 3D rigger Ian Mankowski, 3D modelling/rendering team George Longo, Juan Carlos Cuarda, Ian Mankowski, John W. Nguyen, 3D animators Orlando Costa and Kevin Tonkin, 2D cel animator Anthony Madlangbayan, storyboard artists Scott Richie and Brian Koons, compositors Mike Humphries, Renzo Reyes, John W. Nguyen, head of producetion Danielle Hazan, producer Jamey Kitchens.

Dumb Ways to Die. A Brilliant Safety Campaign from Australia.

I’ve always believed that to get people to change their bad behavior, you need to prompt them with something clever rather than beating them over the head with an in your PSA.

Melbourne Metro in Australia has launched a new campaign to promote safety around metro rail lines. It involves an amazing little animation, with a very catchy little song. The video is a memorable 3 and a half minute long animated music video, that uses black humor and a repeated phrase to sell the final point of “Be careful while waiting for your train”.

This is all part of the The Dumb Ways To Die campaign which is being executed across a number of social mendia channels. While the campaign centers on the YouTube music video (which has been viewed over 16 million times globally in just one week), the campaign is fully integrated across all media channels.

The YouTube video links to the other Dumb Ways To Die campaign aspects: The Tangerine Kitty – “Dumb Ways To Die” song is available for download from iTunes or you can listen to it on Soundcloud here. Dumb Ways To Die has a Tumblr site which features related animated gifs available for download and features the headline “Don’t do any of these OK? Especially the train ones”.  All of these are tied to or point back to The Dumb Ways to Die website which ties together the entire campaign

The integrated campaign centers around shareable content, and leverages platforms like Tumblr, Soundcloudand iTunes to help spread awareness about safety. These 3 platforms in turn support the YouTube campaign which banks on viral distribution to help spread the word.

This is a great campaign from Melbourne Metro with the potential to save lives across the world since the problem is universal world wide.

“Whatevers Comfortable” with Southern Comfort.

I guess this dropped about 2 months ago. I’ve never seen an edited 30 on any cable channel, and just happened to stumble across the web version last night while looking at something on None the less this is why I love Wieden and Kennedy.

This guy is Dos Equis “The most interesting man in the world” wing man. Strutting up the beach in an almost speedo, wearing leather shoes and Ray-Bans this guy is a dude. he is not a follower. He’s the dude doing “Whatevers Comfortable” with great attitude. Set to Odetta’s “Hit or Miss” the one minute forty five second web version of this is great.

Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Executive Creative Directors: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal
Creative Directors: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal
Copywriter: Nick Kaplan
Art Director: Jeff Dryer
Director: Tim Godsall
Producer: Tsiliana Jolson
Colorist: Tim Masick
Music Supervisor: Andrew Charles Kahn


Shazam a Volvo V40.

As smartphone use continues to grow, there is a growing trend where people actually use their phone while watching TV to look up information about what they are watching. The smartphone app Shazam has known this for sometime allowing users in the US to tag TV  spots for extended online content.

Last month, Shazam in conjunction with Ireland-based Adforce launched Shazam for TV in Ireland which began airing on November 5th. Adforce and Shazam have created a new app for Volvo promoting its new V40 vehicle that is viewable when the TV spot is tagged by Shazam. The smartphone ad offers viewers a deeper form of engagement with the brand experience. When potential customers that tag the advert with Shazam, they will be directed to offers ranging from test drives, to a chance to win an iPad mini, or additional information on the vehicle.

Volvo Ireland is the first brand to engage Shazam directly with a dedicated smartphone experience, but expect this to become a growing trend both in Europe and the US. This is a way of getting customers interacting with the brand and product on a different level, and it adds an added dimension to standard advertising. As the convergence between TV and other connected devices becomes more refined, this kind of advertising will continue to grow and become more sophisticated.