Interactive Hanger

109 Men’s Interactive Store Experience.

Interactivity and store displays are usually a mixed bag. You have on average about 2 to 3 seconds to capture a shopper, and less than 20% take action with the interactivity. It really is an issue of competing with all the ambient store noise, visuals, and other shoppers. Over the last ten years I have worked on a number of projects involving interactive signage and store displays with mixed results. Even in a more quiet and intimate store environment, with well designed displays and interactive graphics the results have been fairly abysmal. I think that is why I am rather impressed with 109 Men’s interactive hanger idea.

109 Men’s is a clothing shop in Shibuya, Japan that has taken the interactivity to the individual product level. 109 Men’s is using interactive clothes hangers as triggers to provide customers with fashion tips and suggestions.The hangers feature embedded RFID chips that launch the interactive display which is positioned above the for sale items. When the hanger is lifted from the rail, the content automatically plays fashion tips and suggests other purchase items. The entire display is controlled by a computer system which can change the store’s background music and lighting based on the items that customers are checking out.

In addition the system keeps track of how many times an item is picked up, and this data is then aggregated  to demonstrate which items are the most popular, and which clothes should be positioned better.