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Volio and Esquire Create Interactive Video for the iPad

This is a pretty interesting idea from Esquire magazine. It’s not perfect but it does show a good attempt at interactive video on the iPad. Since this is version one, of this app it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out as Esquire develops more content, and as the data base of questions grows.

Developed in conjunction with Volio, the “Talk to Esquire” app uses voice recognition to deliver what feels like realtime video, but is probably pre-recorded. The software analyzes your questions and then delivers the most appropriate response. The demo video is pretty dry with Esquires editor in chief showing off the app, but it’s worth watching because the potential of where this could go is pretty huge.

Print and Interactive Merge Thanks to “Layar”.

For some time now, print and interactive have been merging. Print is far from dead, but interactive content, especially via smartphones is making deeper inroads into our daily lives. Layar is a start up that has created a rather painless way for print publishers to develop digital content that supplements the printed page via their Layar Creator.

The video does a good job of showing off some of the possibilities of what the software does, but the last 30 seconds are the sweet spot. It shows the software in use as a page is marked up for interactive content. The software is available for a test drive on the Layar website, and if you are a publisher of printed content it might be worth your time to check it out.