Interactive Shopping

Adidas Interactive Store Front at the Nürnberg NEO Store.

I’ve seen a number of interactive shopping windows in the last few years, but this one from Adidas is a step in the right direction. The window has a fully integrated shopping path via your phone. The window doesn’t require a dedicated smartphone app, so it is platform agnostic allowing it to reach the greatest number of users. In addition to the shopping experience, the window is completely interactive letting customers browse clothing racks, examine individual garments,  interact with the virtual model by posing her and having her try on clothes.

The adidas Window Shopping experience was developed by adidas and TBWA Helsinki. if you happen to be in Nürnberg, swing by the NEO store at Breite Gasse 46 to see it and play with it live.

Razorfish’s 5D Connected Retail Experience.

Razorfish is one of those companies that has been around long enough that when they prototype a possible digital experience I tend to take notice. This is no exception. It’s hard to tell how much of this is smoke and mirrors (I’m betting much less than half), but the end result of the video looks very possible.

Using the Windows mobile OS, Windows 8 with the Metro interface, and a Microsoft Surface table, you get a solid idea of where Razorfish sees the shopping experience going in the near future. Based on what they show in this video, I think all of it is possible, especially when you combine it with something like a Kinect.

The integration of mobile devices with a Microsoft Surface is nothing new. I saw this very concept being used at a Sprint Flagship store over a year ago. How Razorfish sees all of these devices interacting over the shopping experience is a newer and unique approach to the concept. Here’s to the future.

Fresh out of R&D from the Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a product code-named “5D”. 5D started out as an idea to re-invent personal shopping. Our goal was to create a retail experience platform for both consumers and sales associates that enables multi-channel sales through immersive and connected digital devices in retail environments. And the only way to do it is to seamlessly integrate five key components – devices, content, experiences, analytics and CRM with a touch of digital magic!

The team announced 5D at the 2012 NRF Convention & Expo in New York City in partnership with NEC and Microsoft. Leveraging Windows Embedded, Microsoft Surface, MS Tag, Windows Phone and Kinect for Windows we created a prototype around a fictitious brand “Razorfashion” that demonstrates how various touch points along the customer journey can attract consumers into the store, drive product engagement and arm store associates with more contextualized digital tools.