The Creative Class.

Creative Class is a new website that is dedicated to a curated series of interviews of today’s influential people within the creative industry as seen by WeTransfer. The inspiration for the series of short videos comes from Richard Florida’s book by the same name. In Florida’s 2002 book, he talks about a group of individuals that would become the driving force behind the social and economic development of our post industrial cities. WeTransfer is producing the series not to promote the file transfer system they are known for, but instead to showcase designers, musicians, scientists and other creative individuals that have adapted to and embraced technology to further their creative ideas. Currently there are a total of five videos that are available on the website as well as Vimeo. Below are Tom Dixon and Stephan Sagmeister. All of them are worth watching, and I can’t wait for this collection to grow.


Creative Influence Episode 13 – Michael Beirut.

If you don’t follow “The Creative Influence” on Vimeo, I suggest you take the afternoon off, click through to follow them, and get lost in the content they have uploaded. Believe me it is easy to do. They produce some really interesting stuff, that as their name suggests, focuses on creative. The video below is the latest installment featuring Michael Beirut, as he speaks about his mentor Massimo Vignelli, design process, how the internet has changed the way designers work, and what gives a logo staying power. It’s seven minutes long. Take a break from what you are doing and give it a look.