iPad Mount

Wall Mount Your iPad with Wallee.

As an iPad owner I am always looking for new and cool accessories for the device. One hing that I have been looking for is a nice way to mount the iPad to a wall in a seamless easy to detach way. The Wallee does just that.

The Wallee is a seamless, hard shell case and wall mounting system made specifically for the iPad. It is available in five colors, and features a nicely designed, low profile case that allows you to easily mount your iPad horizontally or vertically just about anywhere  you need to.

The Wallee is made up of two main parts; the hard shell case for the iPad and the wall mount. All of the physical buttons are left easily accessible and integrated thumb tabs means your iPad can be removed from the case quickly and easily. The patented wall plate with integrated locking mechanism means your iPad mounts confidently to any surface, and can be mounted in both landscape and portrait orientations. A quick turn and click and your iPad is locked into position. Turn and click in the opposite direction and it is released with its hard protective shell cradling your iPad.

The wall plates can be purchased individually to provide mounting options wherever you need them.

Wallee runs $49.99 and you can get one here.

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