iPad Stand


I use my iPad for more general computing than any of my other hardware. The convenience of a tablet simply fits within my workflow. One of the things That I use the tablet for is as a teleprompter. The only problem is finding a way to place the tablet at eye level for the subject while shooting. Because of this I am always looking for a tablet stand that is adjustable, and will work without placing it on a table or other surface.

Designed by Armin Muller, and Kai Trebesius in Hamburg Germany, Mangroovv is making a tablet stand that is simple, functional, and well designed. More importantly it is a free standing device that adjusts from sitting to standing height making it perfect for any occasion where you need both hands and a table stand won’t do. Mangroove weighs in at a light 1.8 pounds, the extendable feet automatically deploy allowing it to rest on a variety of surfaces, and collapsing when you pick it up making it ultra portable. The rotating ball head allow you to position your tablet at any angle, and there is no locking mechanism needed to hold your tablet in place.

I’m sold. This is a really well designed functional stand that I know I’ll be using on a regular basis.




Simple and Effective Design. The PadFoot iPad Stand.

This is kind of a non option for me since my iPad is in a case and won’t fit into the slot on this stand. It is however a stand that like, so if I ever take the iPad out of the case I’d be tempted to use the PadFoot. I like the light weight simple design, and how the black version just sort of disappears.

PadFoot is a stand for iPad, designed to match the iPad’s simplicity and elegance. Designed to hold the iPad in both portrait and landscape mode, or you can slide PadFoot under your iPad for an improved typing and interaction angle.

Made from polypropylene plastic, the PadFoot is available in white, black, magenta, green, and blue, and weighs in at 0.06 ounces. This is the kind of thing I could see using on a flight to watch a movie, or next to your bed if you use the iPad as an alarm clock. (yes some people do. I’m not one of them.)

The cost is $25.00 and includes free shipping world-wide.

Innopocket’s HexaPose iPad Stand.

Later this week I am pulling the trigger on the iPad. Since it was introduced I have been a hold out for a couple of reasons, but the more I play with it, the less I can find much fault. The goal is to replace an aging laptop that is used for surfing the internet and light computing chores like watching the occasional video or word processing stuff. I think in the end the iPad will be a solid replacement for the ancient (4 years old) Macbook Pro.

One thing I know I am going to need a case, for it, and I am going to want a stand so I can use my bluetooth keyboard with it. The case is going to require some thought, but the stand is pretty much a done deal after seeing Innopocket’s HexaPose iPad Stand today.

The stand is made of solid aluminum and tough polycarbonate plastic, and raises the iPad above your work surface and tilts to the optimal viewing angle. What I really like though is the rotating pivot that allows the iPad to turn 90 degrees to landscape mode which will come in handy for watching video and working with apps that function better horizontally. Another nice feature is that the satnd looks like an iMac satnd when the iPad is resting on in it. I’ll be the first to admit the brace structure, and hinge could stand some visual refinement, but for 49 bucks this isn’t bad. It looks functional, and I can upgrade the hinge hardware with something nicer for less than $5.00. I just hope they aren’t back ordered like so many iPad accessories are.

Mac Classic iPad Stand. One Brilliant Case Mod.

I wish I had held on to my Mac Color classic for a number of reasons but after seeing this at the Japanese blog Site Hirac, I have one more.

Using the empty shell of the original Mac Classic this serious modder, has managed to turn it into the ultimate iPad stand. While it isn’t a perfect fit, it’s close and with a little bit of tweaking it could be designed to expose the full screen and the home button on the iPad. Although that would alter the wonderful design aesthetic of the original Mac.

You can see a Youtube video of the stand in action here.