iPhone Applications

“Heineken Star Player”, Live iPhone Gaming Application.

Heineken has launched an iPhone multi-platform gaming application called “Heineken Star Player”. The game places you at the center of every UEFA championship game, where you take on your friends and the world by making game calls that build points and win you prizes. All of this is synced to the live game as it is being played out on TV in real-time.

Since the “Heineken Star Player” application syncs live with each UEFA game, each game is able to challenge you with decisions as they happen, like penalty kicks. will player X score and where top left? Center?The application takes advantage of the thinking that goes on as the game plays out, and puts your interaction with it in the palm of your hand. With approximately 86% of people who use mobile Internet, use their phones while watching TV, it’s easy to see the potential success of an application like this, and makes it a very powerful tool for the Heineken marketing machine.

Created by AKQA this application shows huge potential for other sporting events and games like AmericanFootball, NCAA Basketball, Major League Baseball, Hockey, NBA etc.
This kind of real-world digital integration could become a gold mine over the next year.

The Instgram 365 Project. 04/15/2011

Normally on this day I’d be making sure my income taxes are filed, but some obscure holiday fell on the 15th this year so tax day falls on Monday the 18th.

Because tax day falls on the 18th, Cosmo wants to do his part and tell you to pay up. America has debts to pay.

The Instagram 365 Project. 03/28/2011

My friend Tim and I go to the Filling Station quite a bit. We are there probably every work day in the morning, and when the weather is nice, we tend to walk up to the place at least once a week for lunch.I guess you could say we are regulars. The coffee is great, the food is good, the staff and the atmosphere is wonderful. If you are in town, and close by, I highly recommend the place.

Today’s Instagram 365 post consists of 2 images. The first is waiting for my French Dip, the second is the Dip itself. On Instagram I made a reference to “Waiting on a French Dip, not Tim”. This is because Tim has a bunch of French heritage, and family that lives close to Strasbourg. Tim is not French for those of you that are curious, nor is he French. He does have great hair though, and that might be attributed to a French gene in his DNA. Oh, and he does love the French Dip at the Filling Station.

The Instagram 365 Project. 03/27/2011

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m not sure that is true, but many people believe it and I have no reason to argue with them about it.

Usually I don’t eat breakfast. A few times a week I have something more than coffee, but eating breakfast has never been a consistent thing in my dietary habits. I will say this, on Sunday’s I almost always eat breakfast, it’s almost always cooked at home, and it usually involves bacon. Not the healthiest choice, but I don’t really care.

I love bacon, and I love bacon and eggs. I think it is a Midwestern thing.Today I had bacon, a two egg omelet, fresh-baked bread with butter, orange juice and coffee. And yes I used real butter. I have no idea what this did to my cholesterol and I don’t care. It tasted fantastic.