iPhone Clock

NOOKone iPhone Dock, Clock, and Ready to Rock.

Like many people I use my iPhone as my alarm clock. It sits on the night stand next to the bed plugged in and ready to go all night long. Over the last few years I have kind of been looking for a iPhone dock that I could set it in, but most are either overkill, or ugly as all hell. I want a simple solution that is well designed and unobtrusive. This is where the NOOKone shows some promise.

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Nookone by Robert Bye is a smaller, easy to use solution that can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. It’s small enough that you can pick it up to check email, send a text, or go through any of your apps, with the phone still connected.

NOOKone features a built in speaker that isn’t going to blow you away, but is going to be loud enough to wake you from a nights slumber, or allow you to listen to music as you drift off. The snooze feature is activated by tapping the “mute/volume” knob on the side of the unit. Charging your phone takes place via an inductive base plate that NOOKone rests on, allowing the main unit to remain portable and easy to grab. It will come with a free clock app, that looks pretty solid as clock apps go.

Now, I wish this guy would put this on KickStarter because I’m thinking if he did we could all have one by Christmas.