The Creative Journey – Wacom

It’s Monday March 16, 2020 and the world is in shutdown mode over the Coronavirus outbreak/pandemic. The stock market is losing ground again, people are hoarding supplies like the world is ending, schools are closed, businesses are having employees telecommute rather than come in to work and a slight sense of general pandemonium has settled over my part of the midwest.

Here is a way to hopefully help you forget all about what is going on in between washing your hands, coughing into your elbow, keeping your distance and doing all the other things the WHO wants you to do to stop the spread of COVID 19.

“Not To Scale” and “Iris” have collaborated to produce a beautiful series of eye-catching short animations for the Wacom Cintiq 16. The films imaginatively illustrate the typical journey and endeavors that an Artist takes through their career to realize their creative ambitions.

There are 6 in all and I have the behind the scenes/making-of video at the end. So, do yourself a favor and take a bit of time to escape the pandemic news and watch this series of short animations. You’ll be glad you did.


Projecting Christmas on Saks Fifth Avenue.

This year seems to be the year for 3D projection mapping on buildings, or at least the year it finally caught on here in the USA.

Saks Fifth Avenue unveiled their 3D Holiday windows yesterday at the flagship store on Fifth avenue in New York City. The projections were created by Iris, and show just how good these are getting. The projections are timed to the accompanying music and transform to the physical architecture of the building itself.

I have a feeling that this form of advertising is going to become more and more prevalent in the next year. They have been doing this sort of thing in both Europe and Asia for some time now, and American markets are ripe for it, especially now that the cost has come down on the technology needed to produce these.