Johnny Kelly


Commissioned by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council to promote wider acceptance and use of design as a tool for positive change, director Johnny Kelly’s latest short, “Shape” follows the progress of a central character through out his day. It is a story about design, change, progress and technology, done up in a deceptively simple form. Animated with meticulous detail. Polished with excellent sound design, and a light hearted positive soundtrack. The script for the 7 minute short was written by Scott Burnett of Dublin Based Aad. Production work was handled by Nexus who have a long history of working with Kelly.

The short film is tied to the “Make Shape Change” website. The purpose of the site is to get young people thinking about design, and how it effects the world around them. Introduced by the short film, the website is broken into sections that encourage exploration of specific categories that offer an easy to digest overview and encourage a deeper exploration of the topic.

Do yourself a favor and take the seven minutes it takes to watch this. Do your kids a favor and explore the website with them.

New York Times Book Review: Holiday Books by Johnny Kelly and Nexus.

This little piece for the New York Times was produced by Designer: Johnny Kelly and Nexus. Bright colorful flat design that pulls from book to book creating a series of scenes that cover the range of the New York Times’  annual ‘Holiday Books’ Book Review. From the credit lines on Vimeo, it looks as though this was designed, animated, and rendered in 3D. You’d never know by the very distinct 2D look. For maximum effect, watch it full screen.

Production Company: Nexus
Director + Designer: Johnny Kelly
Producer: Isobel Conroy
Project Lead: Mark Davies
Animation: Sergei Shabarov, Michal Firkowski, Fabrice Fiteni, Mark Davies
3D Rendering: Michal Firkowski, Jeremi Boutelet, Mark Davies
3D Modeller: Florent Rousseau
Compositing: Elliott Kajdan

Client: New York Times Book Review
Art Direction: Nicholas Blechman

Music & Sound Design: David Kamp

Chipotle “Back to the Start” Video and Making Of.

Back toward the end of August Chipotle released a two minute video featuring Willy Nelson covering Cold Play’s the “The Scientist”. When the ad came out I was pretty impressed with the stop motion animation and the post production work that went into completing the piece. The final look of the video is really nice, and the production quality is simply outstanding.

Well here it is almost two months later and I just finished watching the making of video. I am even more impressed how this produced. From the 3D stereo printer used to make all of the puppets, to the forced perspective, to the camera tracking.

The finished video and the making of are both below. If you have time watch the finish then the making of. Even if you are not a designer, videographer, motion graphics designer, or post production pro, I guarantee you’ll be pretty impressed with how they made this.

Credits for the original film:

Client: Chipotle
Agency: CAA and Chipotle
Title: Back To The Start
Length: 2:20

Production Company: Nexus
Nexus Director: Johnny Kelly
Nexus Exec Producer: Cedric Gairard , Chris O’Reilly Charlotte Bavasso
Nexus Producer: Liz Chan
Nexus Production Managers: Claire Thompson, Alistair Pratten

Director of Photography: Matt Day
3D Previs Lead: Mark Davies
Camera Assistant: Max Halstead
Model Assistant: Joe James
Electrician: Aldo Camileri
Model Rigger: Gary Faulkner
Character Animator: Gary Cureton
Set Animator: Matthew Cooper
Compositors: Alasdair Brotherston, John Taylor
Production Designer: Graham Staughton
Art Department: Gordon Allen, Ben Côté, Joe Kirton
Studio Manager: Elizabeth Day
Models: Bob @ Artem

Music Supervision: David Leinhart at Duotone Audio
Music Producers: Justin Stanley and Doyle Bramhall
Content Manager: Liz Graves
Artist: Willie Nelson
Sound Design: Barnaby Templer @ Fonic