Joseph Mann

Peugeot Paperwork.

The two video’s below are from Blink for Peugeot. Directed by Joseph Mann, they are wonderful blend of stop motion animation and CG work. The second video is the making of which sort of shows how they made the video, and includes some tasty facts. Things like it took 48 people more than 6000 man hours to produce this 30 second spot. This has such a great look to it, and a look that wouldn’t have been the same if this had been completely done in the digital space.

This is T.I.E. Watch it Now.

This is why I love what I do for a living. This great little animated short for T.I.E. is wonderful, but when you watch the making of video, you’ll be blown away. Beautiful design, photography, animation and post production work from Jospeh Mann at 

Seriously watch the making of video. This is an amazing combination of CGI, cut paper, and stop motion video. The post work on this is amazing.