Jospeh Muller Brockmann

Design Friday Follow Up

I posted work by Cristiana Courceiro just a bit ago, and I decided that I should do a follow up with a post about Bradbury Thompson.I probably should have done a side by side comparison of her work with not only Thompson’s but Jospeh Muller Brockmann, Herb Lubalin, and a slew of other well know designers whose work from the second half of the 20th century has had such an impact on designers today.

I’m posting Thompson’s work because:

A, he influenced so many designers at the time. Herb Lubalin, Paul Rand Etc.

B, he is from Kansas. Born in Topeka. Attended Washburn University. and;

C, because he continues to influence people today with his unique style and signature use of photography and color in his collage work.

In his own quiet way, he expanded the boundaries of the printed page and influenced the design of a generation of art directors. For fifteen years he was the Sr. Art Director for Mademoiselle Magazine beginning in 1945. Bradbury Thompson’s mark is impeccable taste applied with great elegance—an elegance of simplicity, wit, and vast learning—and an intimate knowledge of the process of printing, always with style, with informed taste. He is probably best known for the work he did for paper giant Westvaco