Kick Starter

Some Numbers on Crowd Funding.

I’m a huge fan of websites like Kickstarter. The idea of crowd funding a start up, of helping someone get their business going and ideas rolling gives me hope for the world. If you are unfamiliar with crowd funding, the infographic below will help shed some light on the subject for you.

If you have never participated, I suggest you go to the Kickstarter or Prosper websites, and find something you believe in. Just think, the dollar you donate, could start the next Warren Buffet on their way.

Tembo Trunks for Your iDevice.

A couple of years back I was on a 14 day trip in South Africa, and while we weren’t in extremely primitive conditions, there were times when you wished you had a way to amplify your iPod with out the need of powered speakers. Obviously the two Australian brothers behind Tembo Trunks™ had the same issue. Unlike myself they have done something about it with these powerless speakers. Made from collapsible silicone, these rugged speaker can amplify the output from your ear buds to 80dB. This isn’t ear-splitting volume, but it is loud enough to fill a room with background music, or share your tunes at the beach or camp site. Right now they have a kickstarter site and are trying to raise $10,000 to get this off the ground. If you pledge 39 bucks you get a set of the speakers, and the knowledge that you helped launch a great little product. To donate and learn more about the speakers, click here.

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