Kim Høltermand

Design Friday. Kim Høltermand, Deserted Cities.

There is something about photographs taken at night, and in fog, that can’t be matched. The atmosphere, the contrast or lack there of. Both environments can do so much to enhance the look of a photo, and both can be so difficult to shoot well. Kim Høltermand is a master when it comes to shooting images in fog shrouded environments.

In his new series “Deserted Cities”, Høltermand has created a set of stunning  images that are haunting and completely stunning. Beautiful compositions with images that are softened by the atmosphere, void of people, and surface a feeling of introspection and isolation within the space in which they are shot.

Copenhagen based Høltermand studied design and worked as a professional graphic designer for a number of years before taking up photography as a serious endeavor. He purchased his first professional DSLR just a few years ago, and since then his work, which focuses primarily on architectural photography has really taken off.

These images are a careful balance between positive and negative space, that beautifully capture a moment that will soon be lost as the fog lifts from its surroundings.

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