Kinetic Type

Music Blocks.

Kinetic Type animations are one of those things that just keeping popping back into play on the old TV set. Just about the time you think it’s died and gone away, here comes another regional ad but with a kinetic type template bought on Video Hive and repurposed. One spot though that has been making the rounds is for CMT Music from Superestudio. I like it because the crew that put it together pushed the style to a higher level. They introduce animated grids and blocks that frame the type as well as the video subject matter, instead of the typical flipping and rotating text timed to a voice over. The whole look is spot on with a bold color pallet, nice visuals, solid editing, and great timing. Next time someone asks you to create a piece and they show you a typical kinetic type spot, point them to this and tell them you’d like to try something that looks a little different.


Mentos National Day Proposal = Finish Love.

Damn this is great animation from directors/animators Garth and Ginny Jones and the folks at Brighton’s character animation studio Persistent Peril. Kinetic type timed perfectly to a musical track that is a bit silly, but completely catching from Fuse Adventures in Audio. The type treatment is the work of ONO Creates, and the animation team has done a terrific job of bringing it to life. I really hope Finland accepts Singapore’s marriage proposal.

“Mentos presents National Day Proposal. An epic plan for Singapore to propose to Finland – and share her land. Why Finland? ‘Cause she’s rich, well-educated, nice, has the aircon on 24/7, and most importantly, has loads of land.”

Kinetic Type for Conan O’Brien.

When it comes to kinetic typography videos, it takes a lot to get me jazzed these days. The format has been over done in the last few years, and has reached a saturation point now that After Effects plugins like Sure Target have made it so much easier to get solid results. So when I see something that has a different quality to it. Something that differentiates it from the crowd, it makes me happy.

This video by Jacob Gilbreath was made by creating 60 individual typographic layouts using Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D, and After Effects. Gilbreath referenced a variety of vintage type designs and styles to create a unique white on white look that is punctuated with occasional yellow accents. There is a fluid natural flow to the movement of the camera that is the antithesis of most kinetic type animations these days. (which is a welcome change). The layout, type, and 3D look help this video feel vintage yet fresh and modern at the same time.

“This Kinetic Typography project was created from the dialogue of Conan O’Brien’s final episode of The Tonight Show on NBC. In this farewell address, he describes his feelings towards NBC and the situation at hand. His personality exudes positivity and humor allowing this dialogue to describe his character very well. Even through the hardships of leaving NBC he promotes hard work and kindness.” Jacob Gilbreath.

Shop Vac, Moving Beyond Kinetic Type.

For the most part, kinetic type animations leave me cold these days. They have been over done and for the most part, they aren’t that inventive and can be achieved by tweaking a few After Effects presets timed to the audio track. This video however is different. The type has variety, there are design elements, and additional animation. In other words,  The designer/motionographer pushed it, and the end result is really that much better.