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“The Reader” Give That Man A Bell’s.

Over the weekend I came across a long format commercial for South African whiskey distiller “Bells”. The two videos below show the full length commercial and the behind the scenes documentary that was produced to show the strategic thinking behind the spot. The commercial itself, is a touching and heartwarming look at a man’s growth to literacy.

The product and the tag line don’t even make it into the spot until the last 5 seconds of the 2 minute commercial. It doesn’t matter, this is not a hard sell commercial. It is however extremely effective, having hooked the viewer, and pulled you all the way through the story.If you are a content producer, videographer, story teller, or anyone that works with dynamic media, the second video is well worth watching for the  King James insight about the thinking that went into this piece.

“The Reader” was developed South African agency King James. The team consisted of;

  • Chief Creative Officer Alistair King,
  • Executive Creative Directors Devin Kennedy and Matt Ross,
  • Creative Director Mike Wilson,
  • Art director Cameron Watson,
  • Agency Producer Caz Friedman
  • Bell’s Whisky Brand Manager Thandeka Mgqumeya
  • Marketing Manager Thami Silwana.
  • Director Greg Gray for Velocity Films with Producer Helena Woodfine

King James for Allan Gray Financial

I’m partly interested in this because I am going to South Africa in less than two weeks. I’m also interested in this because it is a brilliant use of technology and film used  to create an absolutely amazing advertisement. King James employed director Kieth Rose to produce the spot, which took 14 months to complete. an actor was cast and coached over two months to play the role, and make-up, prosthetics, and CG face replacement were used to ensure a physical resemblance. The accident scene at the end was done using a replica 550 RSK Porsche Spyder – one of only two available. The overall  concept and insight for the advertisement and how it  relates to the financial services industry  is summed up in the tagline “Given more time, imagine the possibilities”.

Kudos to Allan Gray for taking a chance and allowing creative to drive your message home.

James Dean Legend for Allan Gray Financial

James Dean Legend for Allan Gray Financial