Audi Sure Has Some Steely Balls.

In the last year Audi has really been stepping up their game with immersive experiential design. For the London Olympic games they built out a futuristic showroom, and now the have launched “Audi Spheres” in Copenhagen.

Created by Kollision, AV integrators and Pufferfish, for Audi. The spherical environments allowed people to literally immerse themselves in the Audi brand through a clever use of technology that leans heavily on  augmented reality video pads, spherical displays, video walls, and sound design.

At the same time the space showcases Audi’s future priorities in design, ecological solutions, and electric vehicles.

PufferSphere and Integration – PUFFERFISH LTD

Interaction and programming: KOLLISION
Concept and communication: KMS BLACKSPACE
Concept and architecture: SCHMIDHUBER