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The yard in all it's glory

I haven’t had a yard in ten years. Really no yard for ten years. In Union Hill we had common green space that everyone enjoyed and space that was taken care of by the neighborhood associations grounds keepers. This means I never had to think about the grass, and or take care of it. It was like magical  lawn fairies made sure things were always green, clipped, dense, and healthy. Here in the new house, things are a bit different. First off the lawn is a mix of different types of grass, interspersed with clover, water grass, and other low level foliage that gets mowed down every week. Second, the drive and walk ways are filled with Stabiligrid, which grass grows through, and the cars drive over. So now I  am pondering, what to do about the grass situation. Fall is almost here and I know that the best time to plant grass seed is in the fall. What I need to figure out is, what grass to plant in the main areas of the yard that will be lush, dense and green. Then I need to figure out what grass to plant in the drive and walk areas. Something that is good for high traffic, and dense enough to not turn into a muddy marsh land after a couple days of rain and cars coming and going. I was thinking Zoyza for the Stabiligrid areas, but I’m thinking it won’t spread across the grid itself.

Anyone have any ideas? If there is a lawn expert out there, please post a comment and give me some suggestions. I’m  all ears at this point.

Week Two in the New Hood.

Cosmo and ZoeThe last week has been event filled as many of you may know. Along with adopting a new dog that had been dumped in the vicinity of Broadway and 31st, much more has been going on.

All of the artwork is now hung in the house and on Sunday, my younger brother Gavin and I rearranged all the walls in the house to reconfigure the internal space.The new layout opens up the media room and allows for a small sitting area for reading behind the couch. It also shortened the linear distance of the master bedroom creating a more functional space. We still need to figure out what to do with the extra wall though. The  house really has one to many making it hard to really configure the home in the most efficient way. What I would really like to do is move it to the garage and use it for storage. The problem is that in order to get it out of the house, I’ll either have to lay it down on it’s side or take it apart. The former probably isn’t likely do to the size and weight of the unit. I guarantee it comes in at around 500 pounds of  MDF dead weight, and at 8 and a half feet tall removing just isn’t a realistic option.Walls with Casters

The one thing about moving the walls that has helped is I am now in a position to build out the media unit that will fit against the wall next to the kitchen. Thanks to design Within Reach, I’ll be building this out of Baltic Birch. The assembly instructions were on the DWR website with all of the dimensions. Rather than pay 650 bucks for MDF, I’m going with real wood and giving it a red analine stain. Plus by building it myself, I amgoing with glass shelving instead of metal. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.media unit

The one thing that I am having a hard time getting used to, are the drive by friendlies that happen all week long. People drive by and check out the house which isn’t to bad. What is bad are the people that have been walking up and peering in windows and insisting on coming in to look around. Yes it really has happened. Twice in the last 3 days. I asked Chris the former owner about it, and he confirmed that the drive ups and walk ups are a part of the house.

It’s Official, The Move is Complete.

Back around the first of June the opportunity to purchase a Modern home designed by Studio 804 came up, and after 10 years of living in an amazing house in the Union Hill neighborhood I decided it was time to move. This blog is going to be a 1 year documentary of living in the new house and the change from living in a very urban environment to a semi urban environment. The reason I say “semi”, is because the location of the new house is just over 2 miles west of the previous one. And it is less than half a mile from the 39th street corridor.

We took possession on Monday, and have been in the home since Tuesday, unpacking, touching up paint, arranging things, getting the cable turned on, and all the other crap that comes with moving. This has been a long long week and I am so glad it’s Friday, although that means I’ll be mowing my own lawn for the first time in 10 years.

While the focus of this blog is primarily focused on the house and the experience of living here, I am also going to talk about other things. I want to be sure and include the neighborhood, restaurant reviews, design items, home products, and any other related items. Look for daily posts.

If you read the test posts from earlier. I did buy the Worx Mower. First run is tomorrow. The Noguchi Table has been ordered, and I am looking into what chairs to get to go with it.