Sometimes Ya Gotta Go. Modular 4 is For Sale.

Like the theme song to “Cheers” said, “sometimes ya gotta go”. This post really isn’t in the same context, but it is appropriate considering our house went on the market today. After 3 years, and 3 months were moving. Not because the house has issues, or the neighborhood has issues, not because of anything bad, just because… Sometimes you have to go. Maybe the sale can be chalked up to mid life trying to figure it all out syndrome or something. It’s hard to say, either way Modular 4 is going up for sale.

So what does this mean for my little blog experience? Nothing. The blog keeps on trucking. The house won’t be a part of it unless the new owner wants to be a guest writer, but the blog rolls on.

Look for a few posts about selling our house. I’ll try not to bore everyone to tears with commentary about the trials and tribulations of selling a modern home in traditional Kansas City.

UPDATE: If you want to see a video of the house click here.





The Instigram 365 Project. 03/12/2011.

I should have posted this yesterday but I was at the Big 12 Basketball Championships watching KU spank Texas. Sorry Texas fans, I’m a Jayhawk through and through.

This image has nothing to do with basketball. This is my dog Cosmo, resting his head on my lap after I finished power raking, fertilizing, and over-seeding the yard yesterday. We adopted Cosmo almost 6 years ago from a foster dog home in Columbia Missouri. When we saw him come trotting out of the house we knew he was coming home with us. We didn’t even have to think about it.

By the way, Cosmo is also a Jayhawk so I guess this image has a little bit to do with Basketball.