Lack of Hipstamatic Support

Hipstamatic Fail.

I have had “Hipstamatic” installed on my iPhone since the day it landed in the app store. I love the app, but I hate the in-app purchasing. Not only that I hate the total and complete lack of tech support that Hipstamatic fails to provide on their website. By that I mean there is no real way to contact the developer to ask why I keep getting the following error message on all in-app purchase attempts.

Not only is the error moronic, the fact that I can’t contact anyone about it is as well. Look at this. I am in the host application. I am trying to purchase from within the host application. Yet the host application thinks I am A: not in its own in-app store front, and B: doesn’t give me an alternative or instructions on how to deal with the error.

This is bad user experience design on all fronts. Here we have a really elegant iPhone app that completely fails at UX design at a point that is really critical to the developer. It fails at the point when they want you to spend more money on their product. What’s worse is, at the fail point the developer gives you ZERO options to contact them and get answers on how to fix the issue. Look at the screen capture from their support page below, and try to find a real contact us section. That contact window in the center frame won’t let you type more than 140 characters. There is no email support or chat support option. I know they are probably operating on thin margins and a low budget, but this is business 101. If you make software you need to have a way for people to get in touch with you. (BTW the “Customer Support” link at the bottom of the page brings you back to this page)

  Hipstamatic folks, I would buy every add-on pack you sell if I could. I know at .99 cents it’s not a whole lot of money for you, but it is the sweet spot for in-app purchases. Oh and here is the deal… I have a pretty solid feeling I am not the only person that is having this issue with your iPhone app. Multiply me times ten thousand, and multiply that times the number of available in-app purchases. I think it adds up to enough to have email tech support on your website.

Love your app. Hate your lack of tech support.