Test Pattern Lamps For The Video Nerd

Do you know a video nerd in need of some new studio / edit bay / office decor? If so, this is the perfect lamp for them. Inspired by analog TV test cards, Hungarian designer Simon Forgacs has created the “Mono Lamp”, a table lamp that captures the essence of TV for a those of us who grew up with analog CRT’s. The lamps come in two variations, color, and grayscale, with the latter looking a bit like the Death Star from Star wars.  Both are constructed from a plastic globe that is suspended above an ash wood base on an aluminum pole. Each is just under 12 inches in diameter with a height of 14 inches. You can pick one up on Forgacs Indigogo site, but if you live outside of Europe you’re going to need an adapter for the Type C plugin.




Gina Sempe has designed a new lighting fixture that will be available later this month for Wastberg. The lamp is produced from aluminum and steel and features a matt finish, a multipurpose clamp, and circular reflector that reminds me of a little bit of an umbrella. Sempe named the lamp design Ile, the French word for island, and the color palette used  with the lamp echo the umbrella giving a nod to an island beach and relaxation.


Ile is designed for smooth easy movement and quick assembly. A round magnet attaches the steel reflector shade to a thin pipe shaft. The flat circular base mirrors the form of the circular  reflector, bringing a sense of balance across the overall design. The flat base not only allows the lamp to easily clamp and mount to a variety of flat surfaces, but also allows it to function as a free standing desk lamp as well. The LED illuminator is located in the base of the lamp focused up at the reflector,which bounces light in any direction.


I love the minimalist form, the lightness, harmony, utility that this brings to the table. (you see what idid there right?)





I don’t speak Czechoslovakian ( Československo, Česko-Slovensko as it is also known.) but thankfully BROKIS has an english version of their website. I’m glad because this morning while trolling for lighting for the new place I came across their “Balloon Lamps”. Like their name suggests Balloon is a glass balloon that suspends a reflective saucer which acts as the light refractor.

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The lamps come in three sizes ranging from large to small, the largest measuring 33.5 inches tall and the smallest just over 15.  The refractive saucers come in 6 colors and the glass comes in clear or smoked. I have to say I’m really liking smoked with an orange saucer.

Balloons is a collection of unique simple timeless lights that are originally based on an idea of transparent invisible balloon with a floating reflector. This series is compounded from one table model and two floor models creating an ambient artistic object. The biggest piece of the collection is pushed to the limits in a sense of possible dimensions of hand made blown glass. The look and the idea of the clear translucent pieces fully provide a magical and fascinating clarity of glass.

It’s Friday, It’s Raining. So, More Design Friday.

I’m digging Argentinian designer Federico Churba’s Hanoi  Lamp. Simple and elegant with attention to detail. Yes I mean that. Just look at the cord. He could have used a standard plastic cord, instead he chose to use a cloth woven cord in a warm beige tone that subtly compliments the color of the lamp, and gives a hint of texture to the otherwise flat shapes.

The lamp itself is a series of shapes that harmoniously blend together. Created from a single piece of material, it is bent and formed into a shape that appears to be almost like someone bowing down in a greeting. The lamp makes up the traditional Vietnamese hat, the stand becoming feet, or extended arms. It is this formal simplicity that helps to define the details within the lamp itself.

The lamp comes in 2 sizes. Large and small. The large size is approximately  24 by 17 inches, the small 17 by 13.