Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Midlife Crisis, or Just Plain Fun? Just Plain Fun I Think.

SCL_logoOK, many people are going to read this and think that I am having a mid-life crisis. In many ways this might be true, but this is not one of those events. I’m going to be in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, and a friend of mine told me that I should check out the Supercar Life website. Yes the company name is stupid as all hell, but the concept is pretty cool. Especially if you like to drive, want to go fast, and know that it’s going to be a while before you can afford your own Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, or Porsche Turbo 997.

Here is the deal, Supercar Life offers a number of packages with price tags that run from 200 bucks to 5 grand depending on the level of instruction, and the amount of time at the track. While I would love to take the Stage One class, it is only being offered on November 14th and I won’t be in Vegas on that day. The Stage one class offers extensive driving instruction, a full day at the Las Vegas motor speedway, and the chance to drive any or all of the cars that the company owns. It also sets you up for the next two classes, which culminates with Stage Three. Stage Three is a two day course that teaches advanced technical skills. It is a concentrated course that focuses on developing maximum driving potential in track driving and section training. And yes I’d love to do it, but at a cost of almost 9 grand for all three Stage classes, it aint gonna happen any time soon.

I am thinking about going for this thing they call the  “Power Hour” (someone really needs to talk to them about the names they use, but this probably appeals to a large segment of their target audience). The Power Hour is designed for anyone who has the desire to drive a high performance car at speeds they were designed for under the controlled conditions of a race track. The price point for this package is right. You get an hour of some pretty big thrills for $200.00! I put this in the same camp as going sky diving, hang gliding, etc. In addition, I don’t gamble, and this is probably cheaper than hitting the tables, it is something I can cross off of my bucket list, and it is probably as much or more fun than a $200.00 concert/show.

You get to select one of their elite cars, after you receive driving instruction from a professional driver, afterward you get  on the track and follow one of their pro drivers for multiple laps. The best things is that, Supercar Life offers these programs on a variety of days and times throughout the month (more importantly, while I’ll be in Vegas).

Now here is he question. Which car should I choose? Or better yet, which one will my 6 foot 4 inch frame fit into? I’m thinking the Porsche 997 turbo. I’ve driven a 911 and I know I can fit into that, but man the idea of driving the Ferrari F430 just gives me goose bumps.