Laurence King Publishers

“Saul Bass, A Life in Film and Design” from Laurence King Publishers.

Just in time for Christmas, Laurence King Publishers is releasing a new book about master designer Saul Bass.

Bass is probably best known by the public for the opening title sequences he did for Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Otto Preminger’s The Man with the Golden Arm, in the 1960’s and Martin Scorsese s Cape Fear and Casino in the 1990s; but Bass was a world class designer in every sense of the word. His work helped to reshape visual culture in America following the second world war, transforming graphic design and the role of designers.

Anyone who is a designer or studied design knows that Bass is also famous for creating everything from logos and corporate identity systems to posters and other printed materials for clients such as Minolta, AT&T, Quaker Oats, and  United.

The book was designed by Bass’s daughter Jennifer and written by distinguished design historian Pat Kirkham, who was a personal friend of Bass. “Saul Bass” contains more than 1,400 illustrations, many from the Bass archive which have never published before. The examples help provide an in-depth account of one of the leading graphic designers of the 20th century.

The book is available for pre-order at Amazon, and will be available everywhere October 19th. At 46 bucks it’s a steal, and will be going on my Christmas wish list.