Lexus and Instagram Make a Video.

With Instagram one of the white hot darlings of social media 2.0 it’s no surprise that Lexus turned to it to create one of their latest ads.

The video below was uploaded a couple of days ago to YouTube, and features images taken by 212 instagramers over the course of a day highlighting the new 2014 Lexus IS.  Using hundreds of their shots the images were uploaded to Instagram, with a specific hashtag for the car. At the same time images were captured onsite and edited with what looked like Adobe Premier. (you get a brief glimpse of the edit suite in the YouTube video below). For a full list of participants click through to YouTube to see their names.

Another Projection Mapping Project for Lexus.

OK, every time you turn around these days there is another totally insane 3D projection mapping project that someone has done. This one is for Lexus and was projected on the side of the Château de St Germain in Laye France. I don’t have any info on who produced the piece, but it is pretty impressive in both scale and execution.