light rail

I Love the Subway

Since arriving in Paris, we have used the Metro exclusively for getting around. It has been our primary form of travel, well that and our feet.

I live in a city that has managed to kill every light rail attempt that had come up in the last 10 years, including the one that passed a public vote in the election 2 years ago. If you live in Kanas City you’ll remember the current mayor and city council over-turning what the public voted for. I say shame on them.

Paris is a large city, and while physically denser than Kansas City, the square mileage is close. And yes I know Paris installed a subway system years ago. And yes I know that like New York, or Chicago it has a different mindset when it comes to public transportation. I just keep thinking about how Kansas City would benefit from light rail. It took me less than 5 minutes to figure the Paris subway out. It’s useful, it’s easy, it cuts down on pollution and conjestion.

If Kansas City had light rail, I’d use it all the time. Well I should say if Kansas City had light rail that equalled Paris, DC, Chicago, New York, Rome, Atlanta, London…