Limited Edition

Staropramen Celebrates Prague


The liquor packaging business is tough. You need to design something that stands out form the crowd, is memorable, reflective of the core brand, and fits well within the shelving of stores. BBDO was charged with designing limited edition packaging for Czech Republic Staropramen Lager. (my beer of choice when I was in Prague) SunInBev asked BBDO to create a design that kept Prague at the heart of the overall packaging. The result is a series of cans that when stacked side by side build Prague’s famous Carls bridge that spans the Danube river. The limited edition Staropramen cans were introduced to Ukraine & Russia in the spring of 2014 with another limited edition launch for the UK and 4 other European countries coming later this year. I love the look of the overall design. The green and cream color reflecting the Staropramen brand, combined with the black line art with the tight engraved look gives this a feeling of fun and sophistication.





Creative Director – Rytis Juodeika, Anze Jereb

Art Director – Alexander Rogovets

Copywriter – Taras Droom

Head of Design Studio – Martynas Birskys

Designer – Tanya Tkachenko




Fedrigoni and Leica Create a Limited Edition X2.

To promote the durability and extreme quality of Fedrigoni’s “Constellation Jade” paper, the bespoke paper manufacturer created a video featuring a limited edition Leica camera where the leather banderole was replaced with one made from paper. Beautifully shot and edited, the video below takes what some might call a mundane product and elevates it to the same level as one of the worlds most exclusive luxury brands, Leica Cameras. In addition to replacing the camera’s banderole, a sample book was designed to act as packaging for the limited edition Leica X2.

While the video is impressive, the slide show below shows the actual packaging that was created to hold the camera. Designed as a combination box and book, it is filled with high processes that show off the quality of Fedrigoni’s paper product, while giving a company history, and tying it to the Leica camera it protects and becomes part of. The packaging is absolutely outstanding in the photos. Really nice design that echos the components of the camera. while highlighting the quality of the   “Constellation Jade” paper used to create it.

Idea, Concept & Design Geometry Global

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Mi Raccomando Suit Case Edition by Max Würden.

While on holiday in Italy musician Max Würden conceived an idea for a new electronica/ambient album that was based on field recordings and sessions with various instruments recorded over a three month period. The resulting album, entitled “Mi Raccomando”. Two versions of the album were released, one with limited edition packaging.

I have to admit I have always been a sucker for this kind of stuff. Out of all the CD’s and LP’s I collected over the years, the ones I have kept and not switched to pure digital formats are the ones with limited edition packaging.

The limited edition CD that Würden released is known as the Suit Case Edition. The packaging consists of a stable cardboard suitcase with a metal lock which holds a 7 track CD with a light scribe label. Included with the audio are 7 fine art photographs printed on crystal archive paper and mounted to acid free board. Each image corresponds to a track on the disc.

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Music: Max Würden
Photographs: Max Würden and Finna Leibenguth
Concept, Graphic Design and Image Editing: Finna Leibenguth

Max Würden

Finna Leibenguth