A Little Absinthe, History, and Tasty Motion Graphics.

I like Absinthe alright. I mean I’ll drink it on occasion, and if it is served up in a sazerac I’m all over it. I like solid animation, motion graphics, and history as well. When you combine all of this with absinthe, you get a little magic.

Below is a really nice piece from Think Work Play that came out about 4 months back, but I just stumbled across this afternoon. It’s all about the history of Pernod Absinthe, and it is presented in a 21 by 9 aspect ratio, so these guys get even more kudos for going all cinema on us.

Christoph Keller’s Stählemühle Aqua Vitae.

When former art publisher Christoph Keller came across Stählemühle, an old out of service mill that had been converted to a schnapps distillery, he took upon the task of bringing it back to life.

The result of his labors is Aqua Vitae fruit brandies produced in small, high-quality batches. The brandies made at Stählemühle have won more than 170 international awards including “Brandy of the Year 2011.”

Stählemühle currently produces around 70 various spirits and liquors made from the most exotic and obscure fruits imaginable. From greengages, damsons, russet apples, to ribes, common medlars, and European mountain ash.Keller is helping to keep these semi-extinct fruits alive and is making sure that Stählemühle is a solid example of how a sustainable and organic operation can be achieved on a small farm with only a small amount of land, a lot of know-how and the work of four hands.

If you happen to be in Berlin on April 20th, for 100 Euro you can attend a special tasting event sponsored by Gestalten. If I were there I’d make sure I was going. (If I were lucky enough to be one of the 25 it is limited to that is)