Hub+ from NONDA

As laptop computers, especially laptops like the new MacBook or MacBook Air get smaller lighter and thinner, they have to give up hardware features. Specifically things like the number of USB ports, HDSC, card slots and more. To solve this problem, Palo Alto based tech company NONDA has developed a pocket sized hub with some serious features. 

HUB+ is a portable pocketable hub that has 2?USB-C ports a mini display port, SDX card reader, 3 USB charging ports, and HDSC reader. The device also has a built in Lithium Ion battery so it can be used to charge any phone when there is no power available. 

Crafted from aluminum, the design is sleek and modern matching the look of your latest Computing devices. The lightweight box is small enough to pocket, taking up about as much space as half of an iPhone 6. And even though this was designed to match the look of your shiny new MacBook, the clean minimal design would look good with what ever device it’s next to.

At $79.00 it’s not cheap, but the functionality it brings offsets the cost in my opinion. Right now you can jump on the Kickstarter site and preorder if you are so inclined. I think this is a must have for me.